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Monday, 8 May 2017

Effective Gallstone Treatment in Chennai

A small, pear shaped organ, gall bladder is located in the right side of abdomen immediately below the liver. Gall bladder is the site of storage for digestive fluids like bile, before they are released into the small intestine. Gallstones are a common condition in people occurring due to the hardening of digestive fluids, within the gall bladder.
Gallstone formation can occur in varied sizes and numbers. In many cases, they do not even cause any symptoms or discomfort. Gallstone treatment in Chennai involves the management of the condition by dissolution of the stone with the help of medication. Severe cases of gall stones are treated with the help of surgery.

Types of gallstones
The main types of gall stones that are usually detected in patients include: -
Cholesterol gallstone – most commonly found gallstone, they are made of undissolved cholesterol and have a yellowish appearance.
Pigment gallstones – caused due to an excess of bilirubin, these gallstones are dark brown or black in colour.
Symptoms of gallstones
Gallstones do not cause any symptoms in many cases. The symptoms occur when their formation results in blockage due to their presence in the ducts. Symptoms commonly associated with gallstones include: -
  • Intense and sudden pain in the upper right side or centre of the abdomen.
  • Back pain occurring between the shoulder blades.
  • Vomiting or nausea.
  • Pain in the right shoulder
  • Indigestion and increased belching
Causes of gallstones
Gallstones can be caused due to an excess undissolved cholesterol concentration in the bile, or due to an excess of bilirubin, a chemical produced during red cell break down, in the bile or due to an improper draining of the gall bladder, which leaves back a deposition in it.
The treatment of gallstones is done after a series of diagnosis tests to ascertain the presence, size, number and nature of gallstones. The tests include a physical examination, blood analysis, scans, ultrasonography, abdominal radiography and so on.
Medical management for the condition includes dissolution of gallstones with the help of medication. These might help in dissolving cholesterol and inciting its absorption by the intestine. Severe cases of gall stones are removed with the help of surgery.
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